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Customer services

Economic analysis and business plan for the project


We help novice investors wanting to enter the real property market prepare their investment strategy and diversification model for the planned investment projects, taking account of financial and material assets held. This leads to preparation of a business plan which takes account of the sources of financing and provides for a suitable legal form for the expected type of activity.

Market research in a selected region


We can prepare an analysis of competitive investment projects in a region chosen by the investor. Moreover, based on predetermined criteria, we provide advice on where to invest to achieve an extraordinary return on the investor’s equity. We also prepare a profiled analysis of the target market – to create a model of the target customer.

Securing the right plot of land or real estate


We help our customers choose and buy the right property. Each time, before a potential purchase, we carry out detailed analysis in terms of the adopted investment strategy and urban development issues. We collaborate with a number of professional agents in the sector of real property trade, which significantly accelerates the search.

Construction design concept


Without a good design even the best location will not lead to a market success of the investment project. That is why we work with the best architects and review all concepts in terms of the adopted investment strategy. Years of experience in real property sales and rental help us develop the best architectural solutions while maintaining an economic balance.

Construction permit formalities


We are aware of the complexity of the process of obtaining countless documents, administrative decisions and technical specifications that all investors need to secure in order to apply for a construction permit. This is why we offer our assistance and experience in this regard. By minimising the amount of time required to obtain the final decision, we ensure that the scope and parameters of the permit obtained match the parameters of the planned investment project.

Preparation and management of the construction works


Issues such as the bill of quantities, tender proceedings and contractor selection, logistics of material deliveries, commissioning, cooperation with authorities and utilities providers, as well as coordination of all companies and people involved in the construction works are only a section of what every investor needs to deal with, even though they often lack the right experience and knowledge. We offer a full range of services related to the preparation, management and supervision of all processes associated with construction projects, which is our main key area of activity.

Sales or rental services


We help our customers plan, organise and manage sales with regard to newly-built properties. We offer a full range of services – from online marketing, to advertising contents, to organising a fair. We also have a lot of experience with managing “build to rent” investment projects, which is why we can offer our full support in the scope of property rental. Moreover, we provide services related to rental tax optimisation and property conversion for rental purposes. Through our services, we make sure that the project generates the expected profits from sales and rental.

Warranty services


In compliance with the regulations in place, for the period of 5 years the investor is responsible for any defects in a newly-established property on the basis of a warranty. During that period, customers frequently report potential defects. Each time, an on-site inspection is required to analyse whether such defects and faults are justified. Therefore, a mediator between the investor, customer and the general contractor/contractors plays an important role, ensuring an efficient resolution of all issues, which benefits the investor and ensures the customer’s full satisfaction.


Technical services


All real property, irrespective of how it’s used, requires periodic inspections, minor renovations and repairs, and maintenance of mechanical equipment. We provide a service based on administration or full management of your property. It covers not only technical, but also organisational, accounting and legal issues.

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